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Helping Clubs and Restaurants to Thrive and Succeed

HC Group Australia is a market leader in the commercial industry supplying to some of the most well-known restaurants, cafes and clubs across Australia. We specialise in tailoring our products and services to suit our broad range of clients, ensuring we always maintain the highest standard of quality but at an affordable and competitive price. We also offer a Design fit-out workshop that allows clients to work one on one with qualified and experienced Designers to guide you through the product selection and to help you create a unique and inviting environment for your new business, or to add a bit of much needed life back into an existing establishment. With an ever-growing clientele list of design projects completed within NSW since 2011, HC Group is growing its reputation as the one stop for all commercial needs. HC Group Australia has one of the largest and extensive range of hospitality products and services available in Australia.

Unique take on Interior Design – Time Efficient – Cost Effective – Custom Made to your style

Quality Commercial Furniture – Stunning Lighting Range – Beautiful Custom Made Screens – Acoustic Ceiling Panels – and SO much more

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