VIP Entrance Made of Laser Cut Screens at Hurstville

The first site where we are installing our laser cut screens is in Hurstville NSW.

Working with Gencorp Pty Ltd and Distinctive Living Design, these laser cut screens are required to be suitable for exterior use and custom made to size. Our aluminium panel do just that.

While the screens are are rectangular in shape, once they are install will give the impression of a curve to match the shape of the building.

This new residential building in Hurstville is called ‘The One’ and has been designed to be very luxurious. Having an entrance with laser cut screens will really enhance this feeling as people come home to relax.

Getting the screens custom made to size accurately has really been the key for this installation. In particular with the letterboxes. As you can see, our team has really worked hard to ensure this installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Cosmetic Fit Out at Bexley RSL & Community Centre

The second site is taking place in Bexley NSW at the Bexley RSL. With this project we had Greg Edwards join us here at our showroom to do a workshop with him. Once the workshop had been completed and all the details nutted out, we were able to plan the installation schedule with Greg to ensure the smooth sailing.

All the timber look aluminium battens and the custom made feature lighting can be installed early while we wait for the furniture to arrive. Great teamwork everyone!

The main focus with Bexley RSL was and will be families. Large families, small families, every family, we wanted to make sure that all families were comfortable and welcomed in this upgrade.
Once the furniture arrives and is installed everyone will flock here to enjoy their their Sunday lunch in the most comfortable chairs yet.

3 Buildings, 2 Gatehouses and 1 Pergola – Gracewood Village

The third project is the Gracewood Village in Kellyville. We have been working closely with our friends fromLipman Pty Ltd for the second time on this project. Here, we have focused on the exterior building once again but with our Aluminium Battens this time.

Powder coat black aluminium battens really give this building a slick and modern style. These battens are being used for not only decorative purposes, they also serve a functional purpose too. These are being used on the balconies to provide privacy and as floor to ceiling barriers.

We are installing aluminium battens to not only 1 building but to 3 buildings, 2 gatehouses and 1 pergola. Our team really has their hands full with this installation. Due to the size of this project and working within the time schedule, accuracy is the key. We’ve got a plan and we’re sticking to it!