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Hello and welcome to our company. My name is Russell Wing and I’m the General Manager here at HC Group.

Let me briefly explain who we are, what we do, and how every day we help improve the lives of Clubs, Pub Hotels, and Restaurants throughout NSW.

In particular, if you’re a Club, please, this is a must read for you because if you’re looking to improve any part of your venue, I promise you this will be the most productive 5 minutes of your day!

Our story begins in 1997, in Guangzhou, South China. An aluminium and steel factory called HC (named after the initials of its owners) develops a new patented hinge system for their doors as an alternative to the high maintenance automotive doors on the market and wins a contract to supply Yum China.

Yum is currently the largest brand of restaurants in China with approximately 8,000 venues and expanding at a rate of 1500 a year. Today, Yum China includes KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, East Dawning, and Little Sheep.

As our partnership with Yum grew, HC developed a comprehensive range of furniture to accompany its doors and windows.

20 years on and HC is a multimillion dollar business opening a restaurant in China every 6 hours and supplying globally to Yum and other clients.

The family moved to Australia, where their son, Jerry Lin, forms a company called HC Aluminium in 2011. Jerry at the time was 28. He’s an architect, a visionary and an entrepreneur and using the capabilities of the Chinese operation, offered a wholesale range of furniture and décor products to hospitality and retail sectors.

The same year, we found each other and Jerry became a regular supplier to me. I’ve been involved in the manufacture and supply of commercial furniture since 2005 working with hotels, resorts, cinemas and since 2009 Clubs, Restaurants, and Aged Care.

We struck up a bond very quickly. Jerry showed integrity in his dealings and demonstrated all the qualities I look for with any one I do business with.

Jerry recognised he needed help to drive his business forward. Inspired by his vision, I came on board May 1 2012.

Soon after, we renamed the company HC Group Australia reflecting the variety of products and services we offered at the time.

Focussing on building our furniture and laser cut screen business to the hospitality and construction industries, our point of difference was that customers could get China factory pricing and have all the expertise, dealings, warranties and peace of mind here in Australia.

Now Jerry’s background and expertise was restaurants. In his dealings with Yum operation, he also owned and operated a successful restaurant in Sydney so was well placed to advise first timers and existing restaurants owners on how to become more successful. Being an architect, he was also a talented designer.

Then, in early 2014, something happened that would define our future, our point of difference and relevance in the market place.

Jerry was designing a restaurant using 3D computer software. It was quite impressive. He had the restaurant owner there with him. Together, they mapped out circulation routes, they planned the space with seating, chose product from the showroom, inputted various product into the model until they created the desired look….all in a single day.

As this was happening, I was showing a Club Manager though our showroom, looking to refurbish their coffee lounge. She saw this design unfold and said to me:

‘This is amazing. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve a really strong vision of what I want and I need something to present to the Board in two weeks. This looks perfect. Do you think it possible you could do the same thing for me?’

So we did. This interactive experience was fun, engaging, and rewarding for both of us as she saw her vision come to life. And two weeks later, we had designed a fabulous new coffee lounge for the Club and armed with multiple 3D renders, a drive through video and full costing, we’d given her the necessary tools to present her ideas and seek approval from the nine members of the Board. A few weeks later and the project was given the green light.

“You guys are really onto something here” she said. “Do you realise how many Clubs would benefit from this service?”

We proceeded to help refurbish other areas of the Club. And they recommended us to another Club, then another. Word soon spread and in doing so, a service was born enabling decision makers to make decisions quickly and pain free.

But for Clubs in particular, this has proved time and time again to be absolutely priceless.

Save weeks and even months of design work to then have to cost and source the product yourselves. Concept design in a day, choose furniture, textiles, wall coverings, ceiling products, laser cut screening, paint finishes and have budgetary costings prepared so you know the project is achievable.

Play the drive through video on a TV in the Club and promote your new space so you can forward book functions and events.

Today, we have hosted over 100 design workshops for Clubs, Restaurants, and Pub Hotels across NSW helping these venues to thrive and succeed within their communities.

The majority of projects have been restaurant and bistro areas, lounge, sports and wine bars, TABs and function spaces.

Some Clubs choose to design multiple areas at once and refurbish each area over time. For other Clubs, it’s one area that needs cosmetic improvement.

Today, HC Group Australia currently operates a number of divisions supporting the hospitality industry in NSW and nationally.

Our Projects Division focusses on cost effective cosmetic refurbishments targeting Clubs, Restaurants, and Pub Hotels throughout NSW.

Our HCDS Division (HC Designer Screens) focusses on the architect and designer market and the construction market. From humble beginnings as a decorative retail product, our screens feature in most projects and can now be seen on the outside of high rise apartment buildings.

Our Direct Sales Division handles all enquiries of supply. Offering the manufacture and supply of the largest range of commercial furniture ever seen before, our 1000sqm showroom will leave you spoilt for choice.

Our mission is simple; to help Clubs and restaurants succeed. Our vision is clear. We want to be the first company you think of when looking to improve your venue.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far. We are still young, we are on an expansion programme, we have a great company culture, a wonderful team, and I look forward to the future as more venues discover us and as we discover them.

I invite you to view the other tabs on our website for inspiration on some of our projects, our core values that define us and especially the testimonials from our clients. Over 40% of our project business comes from client referrals and repeat business.

I invite you to visit our showroom and design studio. Let us inspire you and show you how we can support you.

Finally, I invite you to contact me directly or one of our team to discuss your ideas. We welcome the opportunity to support you in improving your venue for you and your community. Let us at HC Group help you to thrive and succeed.

Many thanks

Russell Wing

General Manager

E:  russell.w@hcgroup.net.au

M: 0468 55 44 96

P:  1300 289 789

A: 35 Vore Street, Silverwater, NSW, 2128


Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for. They define us and are an integral part of our culture.

Customer Commitment and Integrity

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customer’s lives. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings. All business must be good business and we do right by our clients. Sales is ultimately the transfer of trust. Our clients trust us and know we have their best interests at heart at all times. We exist to see you succeed.


Working together, across boundaries, to make life easier and successful for everyone.


We offer professional expert knowledge with over a century of combined experience in sales, interior design and furniture. What we do, we do well. We live by the saying “whether a job is big or small, do it right or not all.” We work in an industry that relies on repeat business and client referrals. Quality is always assured.

Personal Accountability

If it’s to be, it’s up to me! We work very hard on this. All our roles inter twine and successful projects happen by design, not by default. Every project requires between 8-10 individuals both front and back of house to do their jobs efficiently, frequently and consistently. We accept responsibility for ourselves, our team mates and our clients.

Solution Focussed

Any problem can be defined as a solution in the making! We work in an industry of deadlines and moving targets, of importing , manufacturing, logistics and third parties. If clients have a problem, we always find a solution. Internally, we have many policies to minimise potential problems. If one arises, the team member who tables a problem must also identify at least 2 solutions to that problem. This links into every other HC Value and ensures we care for each other and our clients.


We believe in life long learning. We work in an industry of change. We believe in a continual strive for improvement. Always looking to better ourselves, our systems, design and product, to move with the times ensuring the best for our clients and the company.


If you find your place of passion in life, you’ve succeeded. Every team member gets up every morning and is happy to be here. We are passionate in what we do and committed to make life better for those around us. We are lovely people to do business with.


Jerry Lin
Managing Director

Lily Yu
Account Manager

Chris Meng
Operation Manager


HC Group is proudly a member and sponsor of clubs NSW. ClubsNSW represents more than 1200 member clubs, and makes an important contribution to state and national policy direction, including the development for industry-specific legislation relating to alcohol, gambling, taxation, and industrial relations.

HC Group is a bronze sponsor of clubs NSW.

CMMA is registered as an industrial organisation of employees in the terms of the Fair Work Act, 2009. The CMAA is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). It is in the unique position of having its members as both employees, under the Federal Award, and also as employers in their day to day management and administration of Registered Licensed Clubs. Subsequently, the role of the Association extends beyond a purely industrial focus to include the advancement and professional growth of its members and the industry as a whole.

HC Group is a member of Australian Chinese Restaurant Association.

ACRA is the peak industry body representing over 600 Chinese owned and operated cafes, restaurants and catering businesses across Australia. The members of ACRA are owners and operators of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, catering companies, takeaway businesses, and function centres.


Charlie Chans Bar

We have operated Charlie Chan’s over than 11 years, our management has decided to invest a brand new design and shop fitting for our property last year, to enhance our customer experiences here, to enjoy a party night or gathering with family and friends.
Apart from the great fit outs and design, our customers also happy and appreciate the new furniture ranges from HC Group, they could comfortably sitting there for hours watching sport TV, or gathering with their friends for a night out drinks or party.

Charm Kitchen

The reason I stay with HC Group with all my restaurants is the services and capability for custom made furniture. I can choose from their off the shelf range as well as special order to suit my needs.— Tee S

Chong Co

Jerry and Nancy from HC Group are always very friendly and supportive.— Wanlop

Crystal Seafood Restaurant

HC Group designed two of our restaurants. The modern Chinese theme design has been welcomed by our customers. HC Group is also able to source many Chinese style decorative products for us with a very reasonable price.

— Ken S


Jerry helps us to design and fit out our new office. He delivers a good job.

— Maggie L

Thai Splendid

HC Commercial furniture has a good range of in stock furniture. Their customer service is good.